On Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019 KYCC staff hosted their 6th Annual Fall Fest: Boogie Ball at the Menlo Family Center. Menlo Family Apartment residents and KYCC staff enjoyed games, food, face painting and a haunted house in celebration of Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. 

Every year KYCC staff collect candy and volunteer to facilitate games for Menlo’s Annual Fall Fest. This year, KYCC staff hosted a haunted house and had a face painting station for kids. There was music, dancing, costume competition with judges and participants won raffle prizes. This year was the 6th year KYCC hosted their Annual Menlo Fall Fest. 



KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments is located in Koreatown of Los Angeles and houses nearly 300 residents in 60 units. The building is a certified “green” building and features 5,000 square feet of service space and community rooms on the ground floor.The main floor of Menlo Family Center allows KYCC staff to host after-school programs, life skills training, mental health counseling and activities for the residents in the Menlo Family Apartments.

For more information about Menlo Family Center, please contact Julio Barahona at jbarahona@kyccla.org or call (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5615.