Healthy Relationship and Social Connections

Domestic Violence Hotlines & Resources

KYCC Community Events & Volunteering

  • Current Volunteer Opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities with KYCC’s Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program, MacArthur Park Community Initaitive, Koreatown Storytelling Program, and more!
  • Youth Services After-School Programs and Summer Day Camp

Events in Los Angeles

Students Run LA

  • Programs
  • Adult mentor leaders (SRLA Leaders) train middle and high school students across Greater LA to complete the entire Los Angeles Marathon.

Quality Sleep

Bedtime Calculator

Sleep Center

Sleep Diary

Sleep Apps

  • Free Apps – Calm, Headspace, Tide, Relax Melodies, Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds, Insight Timer, Snorelab, Sleep Cycle, Pillow, PrimeNap Sleep Tracker, Twilight: Blue light filter, Perspective, Power Nap Tracker, Moshi (for kids)
  • Membership Fees – Buddhify, Yours, Sleep Reset (for kids), Hatch Restore with Hatch Sleep, Sleep Easy 

Balance Nutrition

CalFresh (Food Stamps)

  • (877) 847-3663

Community Services Unlimited

  • Offers healthy food at a lower price, can assist with signing up for CalFresh, free gardening and cooking classes

With Love Market and Café

  • (213) 817-7294
  • Free/affordable groceries 
  • Free classes around healthy eating, child development, exercise, and other life skills 

World Harvest Food Bank 

  • (213) 746-2227

All People’s Community Center 

  • (213) 747-6357
  • Community garden, nutrition classes, and free food distribution program

Karsh Center 

  • (213) 401-4651
  • Offers onsite and mobile food pantry, as well as nutrition education

KYCC Grocery Distribution

  • Every other week at KYCC’s Menlo Family Center 
  • Contact Geraldin Lugo, or (213)365-7400 Ext. 5616, for more information


  • Serves fresh, healthy affordable meals through quick service restaurants, meal delivery services, SmartFridges, and catering

LAUSD Summer Food Service Program 

  • Anyone 18 years and younger may receive healthy, well-balanced meals 

Food and Food System Resources

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Eating Plan and Guide

Clean Eating for Beginners

Nutrition Apps

  • Free – MyPlate Calorie Counter, MyFitnessPal, Yummly, Lifesum, MyNet Diary Calorie Counter, Spokin (best if you have allergies), Ovia Pregnancy 
  • Membership Fee – PlateJoy, Ate Food Journal, Noom 

Physical Activity

Plans, Ideas, and Resources for Staying Active

YouTube Exercise Videos

Mindfulness Practices

Simple Mindfulness for Daily Life 

Mindfulness Exercise & Activities for Adults 

UCLA Mindful Meditation 

  • Introduction to mindfulness meditation that you can practice on your own 

Mindfulness Apps 

  • Free – Insight Timer, Mindfulness Coach, Smiling Mind, UCLA Mindful, Healthy Minds Program, Calm, Headspace 
  • Membership Fee – Aura, Meditopia, Expand: Beyond Meditation, Sattva, Relax Meditation: Guided Mind, Mo: Meditation & Sleep, Meditation & Relaxation Pro, Breethe, Medito 

YouTube Mindfulness 

Experiencing Nature

KYCC Environmental Services Volunteer Opportunities

Ideas to Explore Nature

LA Parks & Recreation

All People’s Community Center 

Find a Nature Center 

Zoos, Gardens & Nature Centers in Los Angeles County

Mental Healthcare

Crisis Hotlines and Resources  

  • Call or text 988 

Mental Health Counseling 

KYCC Clinical Services (Korean Therapists Available), (213) 365-7400 

KYCC Recovery Services (Korean Therapists Available), (213) 365-7400   

Koreatown Mental Health Center (Korean Therapists Available), (213) 948-2980 

Korean American Family Services (Korean Therapists Available), (213) 389-6755 or email 

Korean Support Group, (213) 389-6755 

Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Center (Korean Therapist Availability Varies)

Coastal Asian Pacific Mental Health (Korean Therapist Availability Varies), (800) 854-7771 

Little Tokyo Service Center, (213) 473-3035 

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services

Pacific Asian Counseling Services (Korean Therapist Availability Varies) 

Pacific Clinics (Korean Therapists Available), (877) PC-CARES (722-2737)

  • Multicultural Family Center (Korean Therapist Availability Varies), (626) 839-0300 (located in City of Industry)

St John’s Well Child & Family Center, (323) 541-1411

  • Addresses both the mental and physical needs of patients suffering from a range of issues including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and stress 
  • Offers case management, counseling, and educational services 

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles – call (310) 459-2752 or email  

Chinatown Service Center, (213) 808-1720

  • CSC provides a comprehensive range of services including Social Services (Senior Services, Welfare and Benefits Enrollments and Referral Programs), Federally Qualified Community Health Center (Behavioral Health, Medical, Dental and Optometry), Youth Center and Community Economic Development (Individual Financial Education and Small Business Training and Consultation).  
  • Services are available in a variety of Chinese dialects, including, Cantonese, Mandarin, Toishan, Chiu Jou, as well as other languages, such as Vietnamese, and Spanish. 

Children’s Bureau (CB) – (213) 342-0100 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Help Line

Korean NAMI Support Group, (213) 884-8156 

Lanterman Regional Center 

  • Korean speaker available for autism screening 

Korean American Special Education Center 

  • Korean speaker available for autism screening 

Find a mental health provider   

Find a Therapist   

Find a Psychologist

Find a mental health community 

Mental Health Resources Organized by Topic   

Parenting Classes/Support Groups 

Programs for Refugees, Asylees, and Trafficking Victims // Victims of Sexual Assault 

Educate Yourself! 


Physical Health