VITA Volunteers

KYCC’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program volunteers are active, challenge-driven individuals, like you, who want to impact their community while developing their professional skills. Our volunteers help with translation, appointments, intake and tax preparation. Our more experienced volunteers help as tax quality reviewers, volunteer managers and volunteer recruiters.

  • Learn all about taxes and acquire work experience
  • Provide a valuable service to members in your community
  • Meet other professionals that are also enthusiastic about helping others
  • Boost our local economy

Volunteer opportunities are available all around Los Angeles. Reserve your spot early at http://freetaxprepla.volunteerhub.com

A copy of your photo identification and the Volunteer Agreement showing your highest level of certification is required on your first day of volunteering.

Get Certified

In addition to learning all about taxes, VITA volunteers can earn IRS certification in a variety of volunteer topics. This certification ensures that you are ready to serve and provides legal protection to volunteers.

Certification levels include:

  • Volunteer Standard Code of Conducts – Ethical standards that all volunteers follow.
  • Intake and Interview – All volunteers must properly verify a client’s identity, screen for out-of-scope returns, and collect all required income and deduction documentation.
  • Basic – By far, the most challenging tax level. You will learn about income, tax credits, deductions and dependency.
  • Advanced – This section covers the Basic level and all advance topics: cash income (using the Schedule C-EZ), sale of stocks and home, and pensions.
  • Additional – Cancellation of debt; international; military; and health savings accounts.

Volunteer Opportunities (with the minimum level of certification)

Intake Managers, Translators, and Appointment Specialist: Volunteer Standard of Conduct and Intake & Interview Level.

Tax Preparers: Volunteer Standard of Conduct, Intake & Interview, and Basic Level.

Experienced Preparer: Volunteer Standard of Conduct, Intake & Interview, and Advanced.


For more information on how to volunteer for the VITA program, please visit www.volunteertaxprep.com.