Financial Coaching

Our Financial Coaching program offers one-on-one coaching for clients in any situation. KYCC’s trained financial experts help clients to understand their finances, set financial goals, and receive the support they need to achieve those goals. The Financial Coaching program leverages various programs and services to help clients who are seeking to improve their financial conditions.

Building an emergency fund is the basic foundation in building wealth.  KYCC’s Tax Time Savings program provides a 25% match to help our clients get started. If you save $400 in six months, you earn a match of $100!  KYCC also offers continual asset building programs to help clients save enough money to deal with any financial emergency.

To schedule a free Financial Coaching appointment, please contact:

  • Aaron Kim (English) at or (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5275
  • Liz Kim (Korean) at or (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5218
  • Celia Longlax (Spanish) at or (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5602