Staff Directory

KYCC Staff Roster

KYCC Administrative Office (KOA Site)
3727 West 6th Street, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA  90020
Tel (213) 365-7400          FAX (213) 927-0017

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Alexa Kim Communications Editor 5223
Arthur Cho Fiscal Manager 5264
Carolyn Kwak Development Associate 5240
Davide Pigliacelli Accounting Clerk 5250
Dilan Askew KSP Program Associate
Ernie Yoshikawa Development Coordinator 5239
Francesca LeRúe Chief Program Director 5214
Gennesis Jerez Human Resources Coordinator 5143
Glesteree Blades Human Resources Manager 5241
Gloria Figueroa Communications Associate
Jasmine Kim HR Administrative Assistant 5200
Jenni Kuida Grant Manager 5209
Jerry Levinson Controller 5248
Joe St. John Chief Operating Officer 5243
Johng Ho Song Executive Director 5231
Katherine Kim Koreatown Storytelling Program Director 5240
Leila Mzali Research and Evaluation Coordinator
Lisa Kim General Manager of Business Development 5246
Miguel Lopez Facilities Manager 5145
Nayon Kang Division Director, Children and Family Services 5530
Nicholas Creason Research and Evaluation Analyst
Porfirio Marin Facilities Specialist
SeungOn Yoon Senior Accountant 5242
Shawn Kuk Director of Community Development and Planning 5224
Steve Kang Director, External Communications 5268
Torin Yee Grants Assistant 5207
Upasana Pandey Accountant 5244

KYCC Clinical Services (KOA Site)
3727 West 6th Street, Suite 402, Los Angeles, CA  90020
Tel (213) 365-7400          FAX (213) 201-3993

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Bitna Lee Counselor III 5513
Chinyoung Farrey Counselor I 5515
Eric Ji Clinical Services Coordinator 5567
Erica Suh Counselor I 5528
Grace Park Clinical Services Manager 5512
Haidee Gutierrez-Diaz Counselor III 5523
Hanna Kim Counselor III 5562
Hanna Kim API PFF Coordinator 5509
Hannah Joo Counselor III 5534
Hayoung Lee Counselor III 5524
Jessica Estrada Office Manager 5564
Jessica Gonzalez Garcia Counselor III 5506
Natalia Magaña Counselor III 5520
Nedette Cuerno Clinical Supervisor 5568
Rebecca Escoto Counselor II 5521
Seoyeon Choi Counselor I 5514
Seungmin Jackson Counselor III 5565
Yun Pak Clinical Supervisor 5511

KYCC Community Economic Development (KOA Site)
3727 West 6th Street, Suite 410, Los Angeles, CA  90020
Main Tel (213) 365-7400          Tel (213) 743-8750          FAX (213) 289-2486          LITC FAX (213) 402-7606

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Aaron Kim Economic Development Specialist 5275
Amanda Rodriguez Economic Development Specialist 5236
Andy Kim Business Counselor 5103
Aragas Mandani VITA Site Manager 5204
Audrey Casillas Community Economic Development Manager 5235
Cehila Santiago Campaign Coordinator 5220
Celia Longlax Community Economic Development Specialist 5602
Christian Morales Low Income Tax Attorney 5205
Eli Oh CED Administrative Assistant 5260
Javier Osorio Economic Development Specialist 5103
Lidia Sebastian CED Coordinator 5111
Liz Kim Economic Development Specialist 5214
Martin Kim Business Counselor 5612
Rick Kim Director, Community Economic Development 5228
Sabin Kim SBDP Coordinator 5265

Vanessa Sarmiento Vasquez LITC Assistant 5122

KYCC Environmental Services (Pico Site)
1319 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90015
Main Tel (213) 365-7400          Tel (213) 743-8750          FAX (213) 743-8755

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Albert Rodriguez Environmental Services Manager 5402
Alberto Soria Environmental Services Beautification Coordinator 5400
Ana Carlin Environmental Specialist I 5400
Angelic Perez Community Engagement Coordinator 5415
Brandon Gix Urban Forestry Outreach Specialist 5405
Connie Rodriguez Urban Forestry Outreach Specialist 5400
Jonathan Diaz Urban Forestry Lead 5407
Jorge Sanchez Environmental Specialist I 5400
José Pantoja Environmental Specialist III 5400
Jovan Rodriguez Environmental Specialist I 5400
Juliet Giron Environmental Specialist I 5400
Mark Jang Volunteer and Project Specialist 5409
Rudy Fortiz Graffiti Lead 5400
Santos Gutierrez Environmental Specialist II 5400
Tommy Rendon Environmental Specialist III 5400
Tristan Kim Koreatown Engagement Officer 5249
Valerie Mireles Office Manager 5400

KYCC Kids Town (Crenshaw Site)
1140 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90019
Main Tel (213) 365-7400          Tel (323) 297-0038          FAX (323) 297-0042

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Anabel Torres Senior Head Teacher 5323
Ellie Kim Assistant Teacher 5313
Jennifer Barrios Assistant Teacher 5305
Julia Uribe Head Teacher 5313
Luis Choi Assistant Teacher 5305
Luz Favela Teacher 5313
Mikaella Ahn Family Advocate/ Assistant Teacher
Myung Jin Rhee Kids Town Director 5301
Sandra Poblano Teacher 5305
Sungbok Lee Teacher 5323

KYCC Menlo Family Center
1230 Menlo Avenue, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Tel (213) 365-7400          FAX (213) 201-1812

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Alejandra Valdez RISE Program Instructor
Chivas Mays Housing Services Manager 5635
Ethan Gourlay Elementary Academic Instructor
Geraldin Alvara Lugo Housing Case Manager 5616
Kathleen Hobkirk Middle/High School Program Coordinator 5614
Kendelle Milton Youth Services Manager 5132
La Tanya Clark Housing Services Coordinator 5622
Marina Marquez Elementary School Academic Instructor 5170
Preston Bryant Senior Housing Case Manager 5644
Sarah Chang Prevention & Outreach Coordinator 5623
Shania Betton Housing Services Navigator 5621

KYCC Recovery Services
3727 West 6th Street, Suite 411, Los Angeles, CA  90020
Main Tel (213) 365-7400          Tel (213) 743-8750          FAX (213) 263-9622

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Arlene Rodriguez Recovery Services Counselor 5510
Miriam Ruiz Recovery Services Counselor III 5518
Hiroko Makiyama Recovery Services Manager 5517
Raymond Gutierrez Recovery Services Counselor II 5525

KYCC Wilton Center

680 South Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA  90005
Main Tel (213) 365-7400          FAX (213) 383-1280

Staff Name Title Ext. Email Address
Aimee Newton Prevention Coordinator 5116
Betsy Sambrano  Prevention Specialist
Bryan Zaragoza Hurtado Prevention Coordinator 5119
Christine Nguyen Prevention Specialist 5137
Deisy Gutierrez Prevention Specialist II 5149
Evelyn Balderas Prevention Coordinator 5123
Gregory Peralta Prevention Specialist 
Hilcia Guerra Prevention Specialist 5114
Isaac Hong Prevention Specialist 5146
Jacqueline Garay Prevention Specialist
Jazmin Garcia Prevention Coordinator 5135
Jesus Rodriguez Middle School Instructor
Kendelle Milton Youth Services Manager 5132
Lisbette Armenta Prevention Specialist
Melanie To Senior Prevention Coordinator 5110
Omar Amador Prevention Specialist
Presilla Kim Elementary School Program Coordinator 5118
Sagar Patel Prevention Specialist II 5126
Sarah Lee Prevention Specialist II 5112
Yancy Mauricio Prevention Specialist 5148