Utility Assistance

KYCC’s TEAM (Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple Languages) Program assists clients by helping them understand billing statements, resolve billing disputes, and lower their monthly rates. With funding from the California Public Utilities Commission, our TEAM Program provides education and assistance to consumers of telecommunication services who are not proficient in English.

Clients seek assistance from KYCC after unsuccessfully attempting to resolve billing issues on their own. KYCC will also address unauthorized charges on the bill, if any are present. For example, one client was paying $6 per month for Caller ID services on a phone that was not equipped for Caller ID.  Unauthorized charges go unnoticed because consumers are unaware of the full details of service plans and often pay for services that are not needed.

To learn more about KYCC’s TEAM Program, please contact us at (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5227.