KYCC COVID-19 Response — Hot Meals for Koreatown Elders


Food Delivery Donors


Abigail Stone Adele Lim Adrian Calderon Ahree Song Albert Jang
Albert Lee Alex Choi Alena Kim Alex Chen Alex Christy
Alex Dwyer Alex Hughes Alice Ju Alice Okumura Alicia Phang
Alina Moffat Alissa Gordon Alma Martinez Amanda Chakaroe Amy Nam
An Bui Andrew Jorgensen Andrew Jun Angela Nikas Angela Yoon
Angie Kim Anissa Zoelle Ann Son Woods Anna Hwang Anonymous (63!)
Anna Hwang Anthony Van Eaton Arnold Kim Ashley Liu Augusta Soeryadjaya



Bank of America Bera Roh  Berna Senemoglu Blanca Padilla Brian Minwoo Kim
Brian Pak Brittni Coleman      



Caitlin Adams Cameron Smith Camille Revilla Chelsea Trinh Chris Dalton
Christiana Park Christine Lee Christine Lee Christine Yoon Christopher Kim
Chung Uk Lee Cindy MT Claire Vela Clara Kim Claudio Rodriguez
Coco Chen Connor Tse Cooke Sunoo Cristian Jerez Crystal Liu
Crystal Stewart        



Daddy Daejoon Kim Dan Monick Dan Neri Dana Weiser
Daniel Kim Daniel Lee Darlene Minas David DiPietro David Kim
David Zayas Dawn Henry Dean Saehyung Shim Debbie Fong Dee Yeh
Deepinder Sahni Diana Lee Duff Ferguson Dylan Sittig  



Edison Park Elizabeth Cates Elizabeth Cordoba Elizabeth Imperial Ellen Beatty
Emily Shin Eric Lee Eric Tang Erica Suh Erwin Mendoza
Eun Seon Ha Eunice Jeon EunJi Yoo Evelyn Balderas  



Francis Park        


Gabriela Carr Georgia Lee Gina Cogswell Glena Donaghy Glenn Davis
Glen Lim Grace Clark Gwen Pham    



Harold Woo Harry Park Hayoung Lee Hee Seung Lee Henry Sim
Herbert Parsons Home Hyeonjin Park Hyoungjae Kim Hyoungjae Kim



Ian Hwang Ingrid Jin Insoo S Park Irene Yim  



Jack Pfeiffer Jade Chang Jae Cho Jae Hee Lee Jae Hyun Choi
Jae Jun Dokgo Jain Choe Jake Kim Janet Lin Jason Jaco
Jason Lee Jenna Nicholson Jennifer Ahn Jennifer Baylis Jennifer Hwang
Jennifer Kuida Jenny Chun Jenny Yang Jesse Kimsey-Bennett Jessica Chun
Jessica Kim Jessica Lee Jessica Man Ji Eun Lee Jin Park
Jinhyuk Byun Jitsujo Gauthier Jiwon Park Joann Lee Joe Choi
John Garduno John Kim John Lee John Shahin John W.
John Wait Joo Yeon Kim Joonho Yeo Joshua Baek Joyce Yeum
Julia Gouw Julia Yoon Julie Phong Juliet Oh Justin Won



K Freeman Lee Karen Koh Karen Manrique Karyn Blackburn Kathleen Rapp
Katie Micay Kaz Ando Kevin Kim  Kil Son Cho Kimberly Del Cid
Kimberly Wang Kourtney Kang Kristie Kao Kyung Kim  



Lana Cho Lauren Bachman Lauren Choy Leilani Bituin-Belangue Leslie Diaz
Lesly Lara Lily Tsong Linda Baek Linda Wang Lisa Changadveja
Lisa Ibrahim Lisa P. Lucas Dam    



Magan Wiles Magnus Kim Marvin Cute Mary Kong Matthew Maraia
Matthew Martindale Maximilian Jo Melody Hahm Michel Feldman Michael Fong
Michael Pak Michelle Cho Michelle Ng Michelle Olson Miguel Unzueta
Mihwa Song Mike Yang Minae Yu Mindy Dayton Mitchel Katlin
Myung Kim        



Nat & Robin Bernstein New Creation Church Nic Cha Kim Nita Song  



Olivia Ting        



Pamela J Manzano Patricia Watts Paulo Pagsambugan Pearl Rhee Peter Chung
Peter Yu PJ Martinez      



Rachel Lim Ralph Mendoza Ray Koh Raymond Dokgo Raymond Naval
Rebekah Miller  Rhonda Staver Robert Kwon Rox Chao-Templeman Ryan Allen



Sandra Lee Sarah Camacho Sarah Dahlen Sarah Phillips  Shannon Suh
So Y Lee So Youn Kim Song Cho Soo Kim Stephen Liu
Sug Jeong Sunni Won Susan Torf Suzy Husmann  



Taylor Eom Ted Kim Teddy Kapur Teddy Zee Teresa Hsiao
Theodore Kim Tiffany Taylor Tony Nguyen Tony Nguyen  



UCLA KASA UC Davis, Sigma Kappa Rho      



Victoria Hyun Victoria Yi Vivian Bazley    



Wansun Song Wayne Mello Wendy Egyoku Nakao Wendy Lee  Will Kim
Will Tae        



Yancy Mauricio Yong Kim  Young Lee Youngjae Sung Yuho Kim
Yuki Armstrong Yun Kook Chang      


Food Delivery Volunteers

Participating Restaurants

Abril Dozal Arado
Albert Lim Caffé Concerto
Art Li Denny’s
Dan Paek Gonjiam Restaurant
Edna Cedillos Mamas International
Frank Geraci Nam Won Gol
Inae Ha Olympic Cheonggukjang
Jen Ralls Paseo Chapin
Jennifer McGrogan Un Solo Sol
Jimin (Anne) Kim Waba
John Noh WooRee
Jonathan Mendez  
Jordan Smith  
Joshua Lee  
Kim Le  
Kimngan Nguyenle  
Michaei Choi  
Miles Kim Parr  
Mimi Tomas  
Minji Kang  
Myrrh Raguro  
Rae Jin  
Sola Lee  


KYCC launched an emergency COVID-19 food delivery program and fundraising campaign in Koreatown. #KYCC❤️KTOWN will bring hot meals and groceries to isolated seniors and medically compromised residents. 

Program partners include: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Sterling Bank & Trust, Hanmi Bank, Councilmember Herb Wesson (CD10), and Councilmember David Ryu (CD4).

“With the “Safer-at-Home” order in effect in Los Angeles, we have fielded hundreds of requests from across the Koreatown community,” says KYCC Executive Director Johng Ho Song. “Our elders do not have access to food and supplies. Our businesses—the mom-and-pop restaurants that make up the heart of this community—were hit early and hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The outpouring of support has matched the calls for assistance. Through this coordinated effort, KYCC mobilized all of our available resources, from our hardworking staff to our community partners and stakeholders, to expedite this critical food drive and delivery program to our most vulnerable population. But this is equally an endeavor to support our local small businesses through this crisis.” 

As funds and supplies increase, KYCC intends to expand the program to include more restaurant participants and delivery recipients. 

With support from our longstanding government, corporate and community partners, KYCC will purchase hot meals from neighborhood restaurants that have been deeply impacted by government-mandated closures.

Meals will be delivered three times a week to limited-income seniors in Koreatown. KYCC staff and volunteers are delivering the meals and goods, while adhering to strict COVID-19 health guidelines. 

In addition to the prepared meal delivery, KYCC will also deliver a bag of groceries and basic supplies, such as hand sanitizer, soap and toilet paper, once a week. 

“From supporting seniors to small businesses to providing childcare services and low-income housing, KYCC is helping to take care of our most vulnerable neighbors and hardest-hit mom-and-pop restaurants during these unprecedented times,” says Councilmember Herb Wesson. “We’re proud to partner with KYCC as they expand their efforts to keep Koreatown healthy and whole as we confront this global crisis.”

“Part of KYCC’s mission is to serve the evolving needs of the Koreatown community,” says Councilmember David Ryu. “During the Coronavirus public health emergency, we are working quickly alongside KYCC to ensure that our elders and small businesses are not neglected, but rather provided with assistance and relief.”

“KYCC knows to quickly mobilize and assist our community in times of crisis. Their Community Economic Services developed in the wake of 1992 Los Angeles Riots, which devastated small businesses in the neighborhood. Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hanmi Bank is proud to partner with KYCC to help those with the greatest needs,” says Hanmi Bank’s President Bonnie Lee.

Important resources, such as Census and tax information, and employment and tenancy rights, will also be included.

Elder participants will be interviewed and surveyed regularly by youth program participants in continuation of KYCC’s Intergenerational Initiative. 

An online fundraising campaign #KYCC❤️KTOWN is being launched to raise funds to provide for more small business and elder support in Koreatown. $10=One Hot Meal/Grocery Bag.

Food items already donated include: 2,000 pounds of rice (Anonymous), 3,000 bananas (Chiquita Brands International), 100 Hot Meals (Island Restaurants), 26 boxes of diapers, and hundreds of care packages from Hwarang Youth Foundation and Karsh Center.