Volunteer with Youth Services!

KYCC has many community-led volunteer projects.  We strive to empower youth in our communities through the services we provide to them. If you would like to volunteer with us, please see our opportunities listed below.

For more information on any of our volunteer opportunities, please contact us here.

Become an After-school Tutor

KYCC is committed to improving the community by providing low-income families an opportunity to send their children to a safe and fun learning environment. After-school Tutors will help students with school work as well as plan any other creative learning opportunities to give students a more well-rounded education. If you love working with youth and believe in changing the community through education, KYCC would love to have you on the team! Register here!

Become an Enrichment Leader

Believe education does not end in books? Have a special talent that you want to teach other people? Become an Enrichment Leader and help plan activities to teach youth, skills that cannot be learned from textbooks. Register here!

Guest Speaker Opportunity

Most people would rather die than do public speaking. KYCC want to offer you an opportunity to practice your public speaking skills while giving youths an opportunity to hear your advice. Killing two birds with one stone. Is there something you wish somebody told you when you were younger? Is there a project that is on your mind that you cannot wait to share with more people? Sign up to be a KYCC Guest Speaker!

Become a Program Intern

Want to see the full picture and be a part of the team that plans events for youth in K-town? KYCC’s program intern will help our Youth Service team put on programs and do everything from research, data entry and other special projects related to programming. Volunteer to be a program intern to help enhance youth education in our community and build your own resume with this extraordinary experience!