Natalya was 19 years old and pregnant when her mother passed away from lupus. She moved from place to place, until she moved into KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments.
Our residential advisors encouraged her to help organize tenants—finding out their needs and concerns so that we could make their home a better one. Soon, Natalya enrolled her children in KYCC’s afterschool program—located in the Menlo Family Center—on the first floor of the building. She started attending financial education classes and became a promotora with our Best Start Families program, advocating as a leader for the health and wellness of her community.

Since 1975, KYCC has provided a safe space for the low-income children and families of Koreatown, many of whom are new immigrants to this country. We have evolved over the years to serve tens of thousands of residents in multiethnic Koreatown.

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