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After moving from shelter to shelter, Aurora and her family moved into the Menlo Family Apartments in 2016. Soon after, she became a warm and constant presence at the Menlo Family Center—taking part in programs to manage her finances and enrolling her kids in our after-school Elementary Tutorial Program.

Often seen hugging KYCC staff like family, Aurora is also known for connecting with the other tenants, helping to build community among her neighbors.

In late 2017, Aurora lost her husband to a tragic accident. Soon after, her mother passed away. Overwhelmed with grief and the difficulty of caring for five children and a grandchild on the way, she turned to KYCC for support.

“Simple, everyday tasks became challenging for me,” Aurora reflected. “But I was determined to do everything I could to keep my family together and united.”

While adjusting to the role of being the sole provider for her family, Aurora was grateful that KYCC’s financial services referred her to emergency funds that could help with electricity and water bills, as well as unforeseen household expenses, like a broken lock on her car.

“KYCC has been a much-needed relief to my stress as I’m overcoming my losses,” Aurora says.

Our wraparound services ensure that KYCC does whatever we can to help those who are facing challenging times. Hand-in-hand with our residents, we are working to build a healthy community in Koreatown.