Breathe Free Initiative

Koreatown Youth and Community Center’s (KYCC) Breathe Free Initiative is a tobacco control project funded by the California Department of Public Health’s California Tobacco Control Program that addresses the harms related to tobacco use and secondhand smoke on community college campuses and trade schools that negatively impact the health of thousands of students. By capitalizing on the organization’s decades-long history of capacity building, leadership development, community mobilization, and outreach and prevention education services in Koreatown and surrounding communities, KYCC’s priority objective will work towards a smoke and tobacco-free policy campaign at college campuses and or trade schools within the Los Angeles region who do not have comprehensive policies in place.

KYCC works collaboratively with entities and individuals from varying sectors to strategically advance policy campaign efforts and engage the multiethnic populations at these schools. The PBF team is currently recruiting, educating and training transition-age youth (TAY) interns age 16 to 25 to develop and enhance their leadership and tobacco control advocacy skills to carry out recruitment and policy efforts. PBF, along with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control and Prevention Program’s tobacco funded project, facilitate the Breathe Free Initiative. Breathe Free Initiative provides resources, tobacco engagement trainings, activities, and opportunities for leadership to its members.

Overall, by successfully limiting exposure of tobacco use on college and trade school campuses, KYCC hopes to contribute to achieving the 2035 tobacco statewide end game and improving the quality of life of Californians.

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