A Message from KYCC (COVID-19)

Dear Friends and Supporters of KYCC,

During this unprecedented and uncertain COVID-19 health emergency, KYCC remains firmly dedicated to providing programs and services to our community. Many of our programs will remain OPEN.

(KYCC Program Status updated daily HERE.)

However, given the guidelines and directives by federal, state, county and city officials, KYCC will be postponing some upcoming events and programming to protect the health and safety of our children, clients, volunteers, staff and families. 

We are committed to providing the programs that can stay open, because we are keenly aware that the population who will be the hardest hit by this crisis is the one that can least afford it.

-KYCC has always supported our working parents. With the indefinite Los Angeles Unified School District closures, we know that some students need a safe space while their parents are on the job. 

-Eighty percent of the 500,000 students in the district rely on the schools for their meals. We want to guide our community to such resources, so they are not left behind.

Elders over 65 are being mandated to isolate. We are working with our partners and volunteer corps to improvise ways to help bring them food and supplies. Sign up on our Volunteer Page if you want to be involved. We will be in touch shortly.

-Our small businesses were deeply impacted by this crisis early on. We are looking at ways to help our neighborhood mom-and-pop shops and restaurants, as they comprise the heart and soul of our community.

We understand that the operation of our programs is dependent upon mandates from our local, county, state and federal governments. This is an extremely fluid and fast-evolving crisis, and we have to adapt to the mandates from our public health officials. 

KYCC wishes our community health and safety during these difficult days. 

Please visit our additional COVID-19 Resources page. 







Johng Ho Song

KYCC Executive Director