On May 26, KYCC hosted the Stormwater Block Party at Saint James Episcopal School on St. Andrews Place, in which attendees planted trees and played games, all while learning about storing, cleaning, and reusing rainfall.

A Los Angeles County representative present at the event educated attendees about how Stormwater works throughout the city and how it travels to the ocean. In imparting this key environmental knowledge, KYCC emphasized the importance of protecting our lakes, rivers, beaches, and oceans against contamination. Attendees also planted trees, which reduces the amount of stormwater runoff as well as improves air quality, among a plethora of environmental benefits.

The block party saw over 100 attendees over the course of the event, which lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tacos were provided for everyone involved during the six-hour period. Local residents of Koreatown completed surveys regarding what stormwater infrastructure changes they would like to see implemented in the neighborhood. Volunteers and guests worked together to plant 11 trees.

Will Levegood, Community Engagement Coordinator, recognized exactly what – and who – made it such a successful day. “The Stormwater block party was a huge success not only because we were able to close down the street to create more open play space in Koreatown, but also because of the great partners St. James Episcopal School and Play Streets.”

The event ran smoothly due to the partnership of Play Streets, Los Angeles City Council District 10, Saint James Episcopal Church, and Safe Clean Waters L.A. (Story by Amanda Rose Kaufman)