KYCC’s Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program (YDAPP) hosted a Social Night on Saturday Oct. 19, 2019 at KYCC’s Wilton site. Since 1996, YDAPP has raised awareness on the risks of substance abuse to Koreatown youth through creative projects, surveys and education on tobacco and alcohol trends. Youth advocates participate in alcohol and drug-free events, such as community clean-ups, health fairs and educational outreach, throughout the year. KYCC works in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Division, in addressing underage drug use.

The YDAPP Social Night is held bi-annually, once in the Fall and Spring. The purpose of the YDAPP Social Night is to encourage team bonding and relationship-building among new and old YDAPP members. The YDAPP officers plan a night of games such as charades, “Guess the ASMR,” an Escape Room activity and a skit competition. All of the games were followed by a “Deep Talk” discussion which encouraged members to participate in an open dialogue about their personal thoughts. Youth group participates are encouraged to talk about their feelings, to build critical self-esteem and self-awareness needed to combat the difficulties of peer pressure. Through the Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program, youth members are also taught age-appropriate education on drugs and alcohol knowledge and beliefs. 

Prevention Education trains youth to become health advocates, helps parents establish a safe and drug-free neighborhood, and supports leaders and politicians in policy enforcement. To learn more about our Prevention Education services, please email Hanna Yi, at