For this year’s Admin Day, our Human Resources Manager “G” Blades organized a fun, full day of eating, touring and sightseeing through Historic Filipinotown on Oct. 12, 2018.
Historic Filipinotown, making up the southwest portion of Echo Park, is the only designated community for Filipino culture and heritage outside of the Philippines. Historic Filipinotown is the home of the earliest Catholic Church built in the United States, the St. Columbian Filipino Church, and the only monument to Filipino American soldiers of the Second World War.
Admin staff toured through SIPA (Search to Involve Pilipino Americans) and learned about their many programs for youth and families in Filipinotown and the greater Los Angeles Fil-Am community. They met with staff at the Philippine Workers Center and took a jeepney tour through Filipinotown. Everyone enjoyed lunch at The Park’s Finest BBQ, a restaurant known for their traditional American cuts of barbecue paired with their secret Filipino sauce passed down for generations.
KYCC’s Admin staff learned about the history of Filipinotown and the amazing people, culture and food that enriches our city. We are so grateful to work at an agency that encourages and appreciates cultural diversity.
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