The Rubik’s Cube—the movable, multicolored puzzle of the 1980s–is making a comeback at KYCC. This spring semester at KYCC’s Treehouse, home to the Crossroads Middle School Program (MSP) and Leaders in Enrichment & Academic Development (LEAD), a leadership development program for volunteers high school-aged and older, a Rubik’s Cube Club was created by popular demand.

LEADers give their time and energy providing academic support and mentorship for the younger middle school students. This year, KYCC staff challenged LEADers to take greater ownership of the program by developing and facilitating clubs.

Based on the talents of LEADers coupled with MSP participants’ areas of interest, we successfully implemented three clubs: Art, Dance, and Fundraising. Clubs meet bimonthly at the Treehouse.

This term, after LEADer (and MSP graduate) Andy Lim showed off his Rubik’s Cube skills by making different designs, such as patterns and pyramids, several MSP boys clamored for a club. Fundraising was voted out, while Rubik’s Cube was voted in.

These clubs allow KYCC to tap into the underlying passions of our students that are often overshadowed by the pressures of academic achievement. The goal of our Treehouse programs is to develop successful leaders in our community who thrive holistically (i.e., academically, emotionally, and relationally) by providing a safe space where participants are encouraged to improve on their weaknesses and develop their strengths.

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