On March 27, 2019, KYCC’s Clinical Services and the Prevention and Aftercare Program (PnA) held a joint event where Korean mothers were able to enjoy a relaxing morning making all-natural, homemade body scrubs.

At the Event—”Mom’s Self-Care Group”—the mothers were treated to light refreshments, free childcare and all-natural ingredients to make their own face and body scrubs. 

“These days, I’m never able to relax because my children and I always have errands to run. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy myself and meet other moms today. I’m going to learn how to make this scrub on my own and teach my friends,” said a participating mom. 

This event was funded by the API-PnA. The PnA program promotes the 5 protective factors of strong and healthy families — parental resilience, social connection, support in times of need, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional development in young children. When all five protective factors are present, families are strengthened and the likelihood of child abuse is reduced. KYCC’s Clinical Services organizes quarterly self-care events for mothers to build parental resilience and provide opportunities for social connections.