On March 14, 2020, KYCC’s Sticker Shock Campaign focused on preventing underage drinking on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 4 KYCC Staff (Isaac Hong, Sarah Lee, Hanna Yi, Rica Blanks) placed 300 stickers on single-use, 6 pack and 12 pack alcoholic containers at 2 liquor stores, A&S Liquor and Topper Liquor. The stickers read, “Did you know?” Purchasing or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is a serious crime.”

“The Sticker Shock Campaign gives us the opportunity to create connections between retailers and the community at large. It is great that we are able to work with retailers to provide important prevention messaging to curb youth use. We cannot do it alone,” said Melanie To, Senior Prevention Coordinator. 

The Sticker Shock Campaign is a youth-driven project that seeks to inform, educate and remind our community of the implications of selling and providing alcohol to underage youth. Prevention Education staff create a message, which is then printed onto stickers, and placed on products in liquor stores. The messaging is geared towards adults to stop them from purchasing alcohol to minors.

The Sticker Shock Campaign specifically targets major holidays for their campaign, as teens are more likely to be drinking on prom day or the holidays. 

In the past five years, Prevention Education has made a concerted effort to involve more local alcoholic beverage establishments and currently works with over 100 liquor stores in Koreatown, Westlake and Pico-Union. Through partnerships with local businesses in the Responsible Retailer Campaign, KYCC’s Prevention Education launched the Sticker Shock Campaign in 2019.

The Responsible Retailer Program began in 2014 by KYCC’s Environmental Prevention Services (EPS) team, which is under the umbrella services of KYCC’s Prevention Education. Funded by the LA County Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, the Responsible Retailer campaign seeks to reduce underage drinking by partnering with local liquor store owners and raising awareness about the risks of sales to underage persons. 

KYCC Prevention Education staff educate business owners on the state and local alcohol regulations, teach new skills to refuse sales to minors and intoxicated persons, and provide resources such as ID check lights.