Smile, California’s outreach team made a “shuttle stop” at KYCC’s Kids Town on October 11, 2018. California Department of Health Care Services launched Smile, California, a new campaign to raise awareness and help millions of Medi-Cal members utilize their dental benefits.

Research showed millions of Medi-Cal beneficiaries did not know their coverage included dental care or were severely underutilizing this benefit. The Medi-Cal Dental Program covers routine, preventive and restorative care for more than 13.5 million members in California. Smile, California will educate eligible members about the free and low-cost services available to maintain a healthy smile and make it easier for members to access care.

“Smile, California was created to help members take full advantage of the services available to them,” said Alani Jackson, Chief of the Medi-Cal Dental Services Division within DHCS. “We want to remove any mystery around dental coverage, promote the benefits of regular dental visits, and at the same time grow the provider network so members can easily find the care they need and want.”

If you are a Medi-Cal member, please visit to learn more about covered dental services and dentists near you.

Pictured below: Jin Rhee, KYCC Kids Town Director and Maria Manzur, Senior Account Coordinator of Smile, California.