Mr. Lee had been paying for e-mail and data on his cell phone—an unrequested service—for two years. By the time he realized it, he had paid an additional $479.52. Despite multiple attempts with the wireless company to dismiss the charges, he went nowhere.

Through word-of-mouth, Mr. Lee found KYCC’s Telecommunication Education & Assistance in Multiple-Languages (TEAM) program. TEAM, which began in 2007 at the California Public Utilities Commission, provides education and complaint resolution for telecom services, such as phone bills, through community based organizations. KYCC became a provider in 2009.

After meeting with Silvia Kim, KYCC’s Consumer Advocate, Mr. Lee recovered $239.76. He was also educated on how to prevent overbilling in the future. In the last fiscal year, KYCC has saved over $35,000 for over 170 cases. For more info on our TEAM program, contact Silvia Kim at 213-365-7400, ext. 5210.

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