KYCC’s Prevention Education Unit presented its latest video for the Responsible Retailer Campaign (RRC) to showcase the program’s goals, efforts, and outreach process within the community.

The Responsible Retailer Campaign (RRC) first launched in 2014 by KYCC’s Environmental Prevention Services (EPS) team in the Prevention Education unit and is a project which seeks to reduce underage drinking and prevent alcohol-related harms by partnering with local liquor store retailers. The RRC seeks to achieve these goals through the support of the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention & Control (SAPC).


KYCC’s Prevention Education Unit currently works with over 90 liquor stores in the communities of Koreatown, Westlake, and Pico-Union in Los Angeles. KYCC’s staff continuously outreaches to these retailers to provide resources and services as a multiservice organization. Our team strives to maintain a cooperative relationship and engage with retailers in the community to increase participation. RRC has also provided retailers with over 11,000 printed materials.


This campaign protects the retailers in the community by educating them about the potential alcohol related penalties and protects our youth from the harms of underage drinking, ultimately creating a safer retail environment for all community members. 

Learn more about the work of KYCC Prevention Education here.