KYCC partnered with Peace Over Violence in hosting a Women and Youth Empowerment Self Defense workshop at Menlo Family Center on June 21, 2019. The Women and Youth Empowerment Self Defense Program is a course teaching assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies and physical techniques. Peace Over Violence believes that these skills, strategies, and techniques provide a person with the tools to successfully prevent, resist, escape, and survive violent assaults.

Residents from the Menlo Family Apartments and Advancing Youth Through Community Engagement (AYCE) youth participated in this self-defense course. 

“I wish my daughter was here for the workshop as she’s had several encounters being harassed on the bus,” said a Menlo Family Apartments resident and parent.

The Menlo Family Apartments, located on the Koreatown/Pico-Union border in Los Angeles, opened in March 2013. The building, which houses nearly 300 residents in 60 units, is a certified “green” building. Services are provided by KYCC at the Menlo Family Apartments and include after-school programs, life skills training, financial literacy and parenting workshops, and mental health counseling and treatment.

For more information, please contact Julio Barahona at or call (213) 365-7400 Ext. 5615.