On April 30, 2019, MSC Brain hosted a Cognitive Orientation & Behavioral Index assessment for 24 KYCC high school students. MSC Brain staff came to KYCC to discuss their findings and data interpretation. Each student received a personalized 10-page analysis based on the assessment, covering domains such as brain orientation, leadership type, social type, creativity, work style, and career paths that are suited to their unique strengths. 

With more than a decade of brain development coaching and human resources consultation backboned by one-of-a-kind brain orientation and aptitude tool, MSC Brain is continuously helping people not only to realize their true potential, but also to improve their brain capability, ultimately guiding them to the right profession and appropriate position.

MSC Brain was launched in 2003 in Seoul, South Korea to study the innate aptitude of the cognitive brain development of 9-15-year-olds and to strengthen their weaknesses. Since then, they have assessed and helped more than 300,000 students in South Korea and have expanded their offices to Los Angeles. Recently, they approached KYCC to offer their Cognitive Orientation & Behavioral Index (COBI) assessment to our high school-aged youth, free of charge. 

“I was really impressed by how deeply engaged the students were in the assessment and the results,” said KYCC Development Coordinator Ernie Yoshikawa. “They had so many questions that the workshop ran 30 minutes over the scheduled end time and we are in talks about having the MSC staff return to go even more in-depth with the test results. Since many teenagers are figuring out who they are and their future path, the COBI assessment tool that MSC Brain provides can help our students narrow down a career path best suited to their strengths and interests.”