KYCC Prevention Education Manager Mihae Jung was named a 2016 Women’s Policy Institute County Fellow. One of 25 selected fellows, Jung is a member of the Los Angeles County – Health Team. The fellowship is from the Women’s Foundation of California.

The five-person L.A. County Health Team will “focus on mitigating the harms and impact of alcohol abuse, particularly policy actions that the county can take to stem the negative effects of alcohol sales and availability,” according to the fellowship website.

Community activists from four counties (Los Angeles, Monterey, Riverside and San Bernardino) will be working in six teams, including two criminal justice teams, three health teams and an economic justice team.

“I am thrilled to gain more knowledge about the countywide policy process through this fellowship,” Jung said. “My hope is to bring what I learn back to KYCC and also to the youth and parents we work with.”

Each team member will contribute their previous experience addressing overconcentration of liquor stores in low-income communities and communities of color to this countywide effort. Additional team members include: Sara Cooley Broschart, Partnership for a Positive Pomona/NCADD; Waunette Cullors and Veronica De Lara, Pueblo y Salud.