Since the day the Willis family moved into KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments, they have been model residents. They show their passion for service through their strong leadership skills and many hours of volunteer work. Ms. Willis is a part of our Menlo Tenant Advisory Council that builds community by engaging families. In addition, she loves sharing her artistic side with KYCC’s elementary school students through her weekly art workshops. The children learn everything from mixing colors to Picasso-style painting!  Ms. Willis also led the planning of our holiday event, at which she organized the children’s songs, performances and decorations.

Following in her footsteps, her daughter Tradessa is a vocal coach and music producer with a contagious smile and passion for music. She has shared her talents with KYCC’s middle school students and served as a vocal coach for our annual Christmas event.

Last but not least, Yesenia is a truly caring and helpful individual. “Yesi” has been an integral part of our after-school programs as a founding member of Advancing Youth through Community Empowerment (AYCE) and has continued helping youth as a tutor and mentor. KYCC would like to thank the Willis family for all for their support in creating a happy, safe and united community at KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments.

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