Meet our two new Environmental Services Volunteer Team Leads (VTLs), Amelia and Cristina! Amelia began coming out to Environmental Service events with her daughters who needed school community hours, but thoroughly enjoyed the work of tree planting! Cristina is one of Environmental Services’ Tree Ambassadors, who will be working in Westlake and Koreatown to engage with community members in order to increase tree canopy coverage throughout the community.

On July 1, they received training to become VTLs and will be helping our Environmental Services staff lead group of volunteers at tree plantings and cleanups. With the help of VTLs, we’re able to provide a greater supportive volunteer experience—making sure everyone’s trees are planted correctly and safely.

KYCC’s Environmental Services has many community-led volunteer projects that are fun, family-friendly events. Specifically, VTLs provide support to KYCC staff by supervising other volunteers, making it the backbone of our community events. 

Becoming a VTL is a great way to have an immersive role at our community events. We are excited to have Amelia and Cristina join our growing VTL team!

Contact Carolyn at to become a VTL.