Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb Wesson’s office donated 25 desktop computers to KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartment tenants on May 4. The 25 lucky families also received four years of free Internet service. For many families, this was their first computer.

“Computers are a necessity that many of our families didn’t have access to at their home before this event,” KYCC Case Manager Oscar Solano said. “Nowadays, computers are used for almost everything from applying for a job to signing up for classes to school assignments. Almost 50 percent of the building was able to benefit from the giveaway [and] they were also able to obtain four years of free internet service.”


The computers were donated by Wesson, who currently serves as the CD10 representative. Wesson’s office reached out to KYCC to distribute the computers and brought on Human IT to prepare the computers for donation.


“The desktops provided by [Wesson’s office] will help kids do research for their school assignments, it will give unemployed parents an opportunity to apply for jobs, and in the long run hopefully they will provide the families with the chance of a better future,” Solano said.