On Wednesday, August 31, KYCC’s Clinical Services began its Youth Basketball Clinic at Karsh Center. The program is run by KYCC’s Clinical Services Prevention & Aftercare (P&A) program and is a resource for our community youth, ages ranging from 9 to 14, to play outdoors in a safe environment, socialize with peers, and develop coping skills through exercise.


For the first thirty minutes, KYCC staff teach helpful mindfulness strategies, such as breathing techniques, guided meditation, and journaling, with aims to strengthen participants’ socio-emotional competence.


Coach Sam Lee provides guidance to participants during basketball practice sessions, during which youth develop their motor skills and relieve mental and bodily stress through exercise. By teaching participants about topics related to mental health, youth understand the importance of exercise and mindfulness, and are better equipped to deal with stressful situations in their daily lives. 


My impressions of the program have been very positive.  I am encouraged to see the kids come out and participate in the activities with one another.  I believe it is having a beneficial impact on their lives,” says Coach Sam Lee.

The Youth Basketball Clinic will continue to run weekly until October 26, 2022.

This program was funded by KYCC Prevention & Aftercare (P&A) program. To learn more about KYCC’s Clinical Services, click here.