KYCC’s newest Youth Services program called RISE (Resiliency, Integrity, Self-Assurance, Empowerment) is geared toward middle school and high school students in Koreatown and nearby cities. Through the RISE Youth Program, students in grades 6-12 enjoy free virtual tutoring, enrichment courses and virtual field trips.

This summer, students not only received free one-on-one tutoring, but also enjoyed after-school enrichment classes such as virtual cooking, yoga classes, boxing classes and STEM enrichment courses. All of the supplies were provided at no cost to the students.

The RISE Youth Program not only provides academic support, but offers activities designed to support social-emotional growth and learning. 

“As the RISE Program Lead, my goal is to continue to inspire youth so they can reach their full potential and become the next generation to serve our community. I am proud to be an educated Latina serving the black and brown community and students of various ethnic backgrounds and gender identities. Through this summer of virtual learning, it has been rewarding to see my students discover their own talents and hobbies. Their growth inspires me to continue making a positive impact on our youth,” says Brenda Reynosa, KYCC’s Rise Program Lead.

KYCC’s Youth Services provides safe, accessible and high-quality programs for Koreatown youth. KYCC’s afterschool programs have been a mainstay in our organization since the day we opened our agency in 1975. For more information about the RISE middle school/high school program, please contact Brenda at