By: Jaimie Lee

Every Tuesday night, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., KYCC’s Late Night Study Night (LNSN) hosts a writing class for high school students at no charge, funded by API’s Prevention and Aftercare program (API-PNA). This class was started by KYCC’s Clinical unit, who wished to provide high schoolers with services that are not readily available to everyone. This class strives to improve students’ writing skills in order to prepare them for college and the SAT. The Clinical unit also hopes to help reduce high school students’ stress levels regarding college applications and personal statements. 

On October 16, 2018, Eric Chung, who is part of KYCC’s Clinical unit, led the first night of class. He started off by providing the students with the writing section of an official practice test from the College Board. He used the results of this mock test as a baseline from which students can improve. Afterwards, Eric answered all of the students’ questions and explained the basic rules to use. 

“I hope that this class can help high schoolers become more comfortable with their own voices. I think this class can help anyone improve as long as they put in the effort.” Eric Chung, Counselor I at KYCC. 

Many students agree that this was a helpful experience. Kyle Choi, a junior at John Marshall High School, said the class was “productive and beneficial.” Another student, Jonathan Heyon, a freshman at Rise Kohyang High School, enjoyed the class, even calling it a “nice comfortable environment with no judgement.”