The Korean Integrated Service Management (KISM) program is a collaborative effort among six Korean service providers to identify and treat individuals with mental health needs and secondary physical health and/or substance abuse concerns. KYCC’s Clinical Services unit is the lead agency for this program, which has already outreached to over 7,000 Koreans throughout Los Angeles County since its inception in 2012.

Through staffing community events, working with ethnic media, and providing educational workshops, KISM reached full enrollment with 77 clients. KYCC is responsible for younger patients, from ages 0 to 25; most were uninsured and were treated for a combination of mental health and physical health issues, such as a mood disorder coupled with a dependency on alcohol.

“KISM gets us in the practice of integrated care in preparation for health care reform,” explains KYCC Clinical Services Manager Nayon Kang. “It’s important to treat our clients holistically.”

Still, KISM faces the significant stigma regarding mental health and substance abuse that seems to prevent individuals from coming forward to request services. In particular, KISM is targeting outreach efforts to engage with adolescents, young adults and individuals who struggle with substance abuse.

Participating agencies include: Korean American Family Services, Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers, CORE Community Health Center, Asian American Drug Abuse Program, and Young Nak Outreach and Transformation Foundation.

For more information on the KISM program, please contact Grace Park, KISM Program Coordinator, at (213) 365-7400 x 5667.

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