On June 23, KYCC Clinical Services hosted a second Family Portrait Day in collaboration with Las Fotos Project, and our partner organization Chinatown Service Center, to provide free portrait sessions for Koreatown families and the families we serve through our Partnership for Families (PFF) program. 


PFF is a Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services funded program that seeks to prevent child maltreatment before it happens. This is done by empowering families to recognize and build upon their strengths, while addressing areas such as parental resilience, social connections, and social and emotional competence of children. 


It was a beautiful day and a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy themselves by picnicking, taking photos to make lasting memories, and picking a board game to take home for further bonding!


Thank you to DCFS Partnership for Families for funding the event and to our student photographers from Las Fotos Project, Lauren Cho and Uzuri Ray for capturing these beautiful portraits.