By: Hannah Kim and Jaimie Lee

Every season, KYCC’s BRIDGE program hosts an outing for its volunteers in order to foster a sense of community between the teenagers. For the Spring outing, the officers split all the members into four teams which competed for points during various games. 

For the first activity, the officers wanted to practice team building skills by having each team work together to build a marshmallow tower. Points were assigned for height, strength, and beauty. Strength was tested by shaking the table underneath while beauty was determined by the judges: Heather Teacher and Josh Teacher. 


For the next activity, officers baked brownies and secretly spiked one with garlic. Two teams went pitted against each other where one team had to figure out which team member on the opposing team ate a garlic brownie. Teams who were able to hide their facial expressions and trick the opposing teams received points. In addition, there was a bonus game where each team sent a representative for a blindfolded taste test for extra points. 

For the last activity, the BRIDGE members competed in a mass hide and seek game where team leaders raced to find the opposing team’s members the quickest. Kevin disguised himself underneath a large pile of boxes and clothes, and Audrey hid herself amongst the violins. These two turned out to be the hardest to find and won a lot of points for their team.

Overall, the Spring outing turned out to be very successful and was a great experience for BRIDGE members to bond and have fun with each other. This outing left a lasting impression on all members who participated.