KYCC received a $5,000 grant from the Open Stewardship Foundation in March that will go toward supporting ongoing Menlo programs. This is the second year in a row that OSF has supported KYCC’s youth programs.

A subsidiary of the California state-chartered bank Open Bank headquartered in Los Angeles, the Open Stewardship Foundation was established in 2011. The charity has a vision to actively serve nonprofit civic organizations that provide publically beneficial services such as educational and medical support in the hopes of strengthening welfare and ties to local communities.

The funding provided by the foundation will be poured into supportive services for Menlo Family Apartment tenants, the STOKED Mentoring program which encourages youth character development through action sports and the Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) program. KYCC hopes to utilize the grant efficiently and maximize community benefits for Menlo families to enjoy a wide array of KYCC services. For instance, many middle and high school-aged children involved in STOKED also participate in the GRYD program and receive counseling from our clinical services.

These funds will also help KYCC in its mission to stabilize families emerging from homelessness who are currently Menlo residents by connecting them to our on-site services.

“The Open Stewardship Foundation has been a great supporter of KYCC programs and their grant will help us to keep formerly homeless families housed, get our kids off the streets and into our programs and support our parents in overcoming life’s many hurdles,” Senior Manager of Children and Family Services Ernie Yoshikawa said. “We are very grateful for their investment in KYCC and Koreatown’s youth and families.”