On Feb. 24, KYCC’s Prevention Education unit joined with local businesses and residents to protest the construction of an illegal marijuana dispensary in Koreatown.

The dispensary, The Dank Station, is being built near the intersection of 8th Street and Western Avenue, and is within the same building as several small businesses, including KYCC “Card under 35” Community Partner 8th St. Liquor. Despite much protest from the businesses to the building owner, the construction for the dispensary has continued unabated.

Approached by the local businesses for help, KYCC contacted the City Attorney’s office, who confirmed that The Dank Station was not listed as an authorized medical marijuana vendor. Confusing city legislation and zoning laws have enabled multiple unauthorized dispensaries to open; limited resources are available to enforce the law and close the shops.

KYCC joined to protest the dispensary due to its close proximity to the Wilshire Park Elementary  School, the Pio Pico branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, and KYCC’s youth center.

“It is important to send messages that promote a healthy lifestyle to youth during their formative years,” says KYCC Community Organizer Carol J. Lee. She cites evidence that shows youth who walk by alcohol advertisements or marijuana dispensaries on a daily basis have increased chances of experimenting with controlled substances.

Koreatown is oversaturated with advertisements that promote alcohol, and alcohol establishments. “KYCC wants to help our neighbors and local businesses create family-friendly spaces throughout Koreatown to promote community health, wellness, and safety,” says Lee.

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