This spring, more than 30 young mothers in their 30s and 40s participated in KYCC Clinical Services’ “Healing Seminar,” an event to raise awareness about mental health conditions. Participants used art to express their emotions and struggles as young mothers and immigrants. Participants also heard testimonies from current clients in KYCC’s mental health services programs.

A big part of KYCC’s work is to help people in the community who are struggling with mental health conditions. Our outreach efforts is to raise awareness about mental health conditions and reduce the stigma that is often associated with mental health in the community. ICP-KISM partnered with Rocco Cheng and Associates in an Asian Pacific Islander Underserved Community Communities (API UsCC) Capacity Building Project to provide two outreach activities for the Korean community.

Six mental health professionals led discussions and gave out brochures to teach people about mental health conditions. KYCC also had child care volunteers who helped watched participants’ kids while they learn more about this important topic.

“This program allowed me time to look back on myself and invest in myself,” an anonymous client said. “I was also able to find out about good counseling agencies.  I will sign up for counseling and have a more open mind about receiving counseling.”