In an exciting new partnership with the CBB Bank Foundation, KYCC is launching a new, free, year-round middle school education program for Koreatown’s English-Language Learners. Currently, there are very few quality, after-school options for students struggling to learn English but CBB will help KYCC provide one through a $180,000 grant given over three years.

KYCC’s Middle School Program will also include a variety of enrichment activities, including community involvement, financial literacy and college and career preparation, in addition to teaching English. After launching this summer, the program will offer half-day programming on Mondays through Fridays.

“Middle school is one of the most crucial periods that can make or break a student’s academic career,” KYCC Senior Manager Ernie Yoshikawa said. “Additionally, English-Language Learners already have a lot of catching up to do. KYCC and the CBB Bank Foundation are committed to helping our youth navigate this challenging developmental period and set them up for success not just in middle school but in life.”

Based in Los Angeles, CBB Bank is a leading community bank also dedicated to providing support for community organizations.