The Coalition for Prevention and Awareness in LA Metro (CoPALM) and KYCC’s Table Top Campaign collaborated with eight restaurants and bars to launch the Tabletop Campaign for Cinco De Mayo 2023. The Table Top Campaign disseminated 500 coasters with anti-drunk driving messaging in English and Spanish to customers at bars and restaurants. The materials were shared to remind customers to drink responsibly and practice safe driving habits during the holidays. 


The Table-Top Campaign (TTC) is a project of the Prevention Education Unit, which first launched in Spring 2019 within The Coalition for Prevention and Awareness in LA Metro (CoPALM) coalition, and aims to educate the public on the consequences of drunk driving, focusing its efforts in the Los Angeles area. According to MADD, there were about 10,142 people killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Through the Tabletop Campaign (TTC), CoPALM aims to prevent drunk driving and impaired decision-making due to alcohol use.


Since 2019, CoPALM has partnered with 58 businesses throughout Metro LA Region and has disseminated approximately 6,100 materials. The coalition has been working hard to launch more campaigns, targeting holidays where the majority of the public tend to drink. As a result, this project has grown quickly in partnerships with local businesses. 

The program was funded by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention & Control (SAPC). To learn more about our Prevention programs like the Table Top Campaign, please visit our website: