KYCC and John Burroughs Middle School staff held a graduation ceremony on March 17 to recognize JBMS students for their participation in a joint partnership program. KYCC and John Burroughs Middle School entered a one-year partnership in March 2015 to provide case management services to target students who were struggling academically or behaviorally. KYCC staff were provided an office on-site at the school where students and parents received advice, tutoring and referrals during school hours. As a result of these services, students were able to boost their learning potential significantly.

Some results of the joint KYCC-JBMS program:

  • 58% of participants increased their GPA after entering their program. Overall, the average GPA increased by nearly a full point.
  • 84% of participants increased their math pre/post test scores and 16% stayed the same. Students reported an increase of an average of 18% from pre to post-test.
  • 88% of participants increased their English Language Arts pre/post test scores. Students reported an increase of an average of 23% from pre to post-test

Unfortunately, due to changes in funding, the program ended, but KYCC is very grateful to John Burroughs Middle School for opening their doors to us and we look forward to future collaboration. To celebrate the achievements of the students in the program, KYCC and JBMS staff recognized the students for their participation in the program and for their growth and achievements. KYCC Senior Manager Ernie Yoshikawa and Case Managers Julio Barahona and Jessica Figueroa (l, photo) were on hand to celebrate with the students. JBMS was kind enough to provide a cake and certificates thanking KYCC for our services.