KYCC’s Clinical Services partnered this spring with Fairfax High School’s Parent Center and the Korean Integrated Service Management (KISM) to host two seminars, “Anger Management” and “Emotion Coaching,” at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. The seminar was held by three KYCC clinicians to outreach to parents in the community.

The seminars were presented in Korean, English and Spanish to educate parents of high school students about mental health. The anger management seminar discussed different types of anger and equipped parents with tools in how to better express and manage their anger and other emotions, as well as their teenage child’s emotions.

The emotion coaching seminar referenced psychologist John Gottman’s five-step method, which served as a guide for parents to teach their children how to better manage their emotions.

“The information was very insightful,” one client remarked. “I learned better ways to communicate and ways to deal with my daily anger experiences.”.

KYCC connected with Fairfax High School’s Parent Center at the beginning of the school year and provided a seminar on the topic of “Effective Communication.” Due to the positive response of the seminar from parents and the school, there were requests to continue the program.

KYCC’s Clinical Unit plans to provide similar seminars for parents at Fairfax High School and hopes to connect with more schools for such opportunities in the 2016-17 school year. We hope that by the implementation of these programs, KYCC Clinical Services will be able to progress community objectives of achieving positive relationships and mental health at home.