On Feb. 2, KYCC hosted a kickoff meeting for the newly established Asian Pacific Islander Partnership for Families (API PFF) Collaborative, which will address the needs of pregnant women and families with children aged five or younger who are at risk for child maltreatment.

KYCC was designated the lead agency of the new child abuse prevention initiative, which will serve Los Angeles countywide, in a three-year contract with the Department of Children and Family Services. In Los Angeles County, the Partnership for Families (PFF) program has been operating successfully since 2004, but there has been no allocated sector in service of the Asian Pacific Islander community—until now.

Partnering with the Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers, Chinatown Service Center and the Cambodian Association of America, KYCC hopes to ensure that families with children live in environments that are both physically and emotionally sound. In accordance with PFF’s existing goals, the new chapter assisting the API community will seek to improve the quality of life for children from the prenatal stage through age five by identifying and serving pregnant women and families with risk factors for child abuse or neglect.

In particular, KYCC aims to provide services to the Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Cambodian communities throughout Los Angeles County, aiding approximately 43 families each year.

Having served the API population of L.A. for over four decades, KYCC is eager to undertake and spearhead the new collaborative program.

“KYCC is proud to be selected as the lead agency on this exciting new collaborative,” KYCC Clinical Manager Grace Park said. “We look forward to getting started with serving families right away. Our partners have a great wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the specific communities they serve and they shared their enthusiasm for this new program.”