Paramount Pictures joined KYCC’s Environmental Services for their virtual community day on June 17. For Virtual Community Day, employees from Paramount offices around the world volunteer with local organizations in their area to give back to the community. 


With the help of 17 Paramount employees and our Environmental Services team, 9 bags of trash that would have otherwise polluted our streets or even flowed into our storm drains and, consequently, the ocean, were picked up. During that same day, 24 trees lining Union Avenue in MacArthur Park were also given fresh mulch, water, and ties.

“It was great to see an enthusiastic group from Paramount help us beautify the Pico-Union community, as they got to take this chance to also catch up with one another after a long pandemic of working from home,” says Carolyn Kwak, Environmental Services Volunteer and Project Specialist.


Tree care is a crucial component of a tree’s survival—once a tree is planted, it takes three years of nurture and care for its roots to establish, making this follow up very important for the Pico-Union community. 

KYCC’s Environmental Services is dedicated to beautifying Koreatown through these projects, as well as landscaping, pressure washing, irrigation and native habitat plantings. Environmental Services also provides the necessary tools and safety equipment needed to create community service experiences with corporations, such as Paramount. For more information about KYCC Environmental Services, click here