On June 16, KYCC hosted Paramount Pictures employees for their annual Community Day. Each spring, more than 1,400 Paramount employees in 19 countries participate in Viacommunity Day, a Viacom-wide effort that deploys thousands of volunteers each year to serve in communities where Viacom has operations.  


As a day of giving back, Paramount employees worked with our Environmental Services team to clean up loose litter and graffiti in their neighborhood surrounding Shatto Recreation Center. This event brought together Paramount employees across different departments.

 “It is unbelievable the amount of trash we picked just around one block in the neighborhood,” said a volunteer from Paramount

With the help of 10 Paramount employees and KYCC’s Environmental Services team, they were able to pick up 30 bags of trash and remove approximately 700 sq. ft. of graffiti in the area. Cleaning up litter and graffiti in our neighborhoods contributes to the community’s sense of safety and creates beautiful places for our community members to live, work, and thrive. 


KYCC’s Environmental Services is dedicated to beautifying Koreatown through these projects, as well as landscaping, pressure washing, irrigation and native habitat plantings. Environmental Services also provides the necessary tools and safety equipment needed to create community service experiences with corporations, such as Paramount.

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