On Oct. 19, KYCC Clinical Services hosted Photo in the Park at LA High Memorial Park, in partnership with Las Fotos Projecta community-based nonprofit organization that inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship, and self-expression. 

Hosted for families of Prevention and Aftercare (PnA) Services, a mentor and mentee from Las Fotos Project took family portraits in order to encourage family bonding and provide families with a keepsake. Families were also gifted a hot cocoa kit and provided with conversational tips, in order to help increase the social and emotional competency of families through these shared healthy family experiences.


“Our family had a wonderful time at the Photo in the Park Event, we even went out to eat Jajangmyeon for dinner together as a family to celebrate our family photo. Even though we had to eat Jajangmyeon on the curb as a family, we had such a heartwarming time. We even finished the night by having hot cocoa together, which was provided by PnA. Through PnA, we were given these great moments to share and start bonding and spending more quality time again,” said a PnA client who participated in the event.


This event was funded by Prevention and Aftercare Services (PnA).