To commemorate its 40th anniversary, KYCC unveiled a Wall of History on July 9 at our Wilton Center location. Many longtime supporters of KYCC—founders, past and present board members, and staff—were present at the event.

The ceremony was dedicated to Cooke Sunoo, a KYCC founder, former board president, and community advocate, who worked tirelessly for decades to edify Koreatown.
“This is a special time for KYCC,” said KYCC Executive Director Johng Ho Song. “Our 40th anniversary allows us to recognize and share the significance and evolution of our history in the Koreatown community.”

Sunoo graciously attributed the success of KYCC since its inception in 1975 to the collaborative efforts of many community members. “There were many seeds that germinated,” he noted.

The 7’ x 7’ printed stainless steel photomontage and five-panel timeline were created by Grace Min of Los Angeles-based design firm Asterisk. The photomontage is comprised of dozens of KYCC photos from 1975 to the present, and is mounted on Wilton Center’s exterior, while the timeline, highlighting agency milestones, is located in the lobby of the 19-unit low-income apartment building and KYCC office.

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