By Daniel Choi, KYCC BRIDGE Historian

Members from the Korean American Women Association (KAWA) led the Elementary Tutorial Program (ETP ) students through a series of art workshops this fall. KAWA is an organization that aims to instill leadership skills in women through the Christian faith. In September, KAWA’s passion for serving the community was put to work in the classroom.

During the art session, KYCC’s ETP students expressed their creative abilities with a white t-shirt and a paintbrush. KAWA members instructed the students to freely draw anything on a blank t-shirt that was given to them, and students were able to take the t-shirts home afterwards.

On another occasion, KAWA revisited ETP to lead a second art activity in which students were provided with instructions and a variety of materials to make candles of their desired colors and designs. Students, volunteers, and staff partook in this hour-long workshop.