Our employees’ dedication and enthusiasm allow KYCC to provide quality services to the Koreatown community. We recognized three outstanding individuals who demonstrated a strong commitment to the advancement of our mission on March 8 at our Spring All Staff Retreat.

Crystal Cedillo is the consummate professional in representing KYCC. Her ability to listen and help others feel at ease are indispensable in building relationships with community members and staff, and her leadership in community engagement has extended KYCC’s impact into nearby communities. Usually first to volunteer and last to leave, Crystal is also an exemplary team player in the Youth Services Unit.

Isaias Beles is kind of a superhero. He and his team fight crime each day by making our community more beautiful and by eliminating the work of criminals. He’s so important to the safety of Koreatown that LAPD has his cell phone number. We call them graffiti removers, but they’re really KYCC’s crime fighting team, and Isaias is their leader.

Michelle Ng pushes all of us to be better and do what is above and beyond our expectations as teachers. She shares compliments to encourage and support staff, while pushing through challenges by providing solutions. She looks out for the best interests of our program and provides resources to reach our goals as a team. We appreciate all her invaluable work at the Children’s Center!

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