Our employees’ dedication and enthusiasm allow KYCC to provide quality services to the Koreatown community. We recognized three outstanding individuals who demonstrated a strong commitment to the advancement of our mission at the KYCC Fall All Staff Retreat on Sept. 13.

Ken Kim’s sense of humor, patience and flexibility have made him a critical player in the Youth Services Unit’s PATCH (Promoting Advocacy Toward Community Health) program for substance abuse prevention.  His ability to streamline a complicated county system contributes to efficiency in reports and successful contract audits, making him an expert in his field and a resource for other community partners. Ken also goes the extra mile in supporting the agency, whether in selling tickets for the annual concert, inviting in food trucks to our Holiday Carnival, or helping other YS programs strengthen their evaluation practices.

Making sure an event goes smoothly is not an easy task, nor is it suited for everyone. It takes an individual like Jay Kim, who takes great care in the details, but is also flexible enough to roll with the punches as the night goes on to ensure that everyone is happy. And at KYCC’s 12th Annual Benefit Concert, everyone was happy. From the attendees to the volunteers, to the sponsors to Brian McKnight, there were smiles all around, resulting in the most successful event in KYCC’s history!

There is one phone extension that everyone knows at KYCC. It’s not any of the directors or any of the managers. It’s equivalent to the Bat-Signal or the Moscow-Washington Hotline direct line. When things go wrong, as they often do, we call Miguel Lopez. Miguel is the Duke of Repair, The King of Supplies, and the Fixer of Things. He’s been with KYCC for 14 years and our organization relies on his dedication to maintaining all of our sites.

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