KYCC’s Environmental Services was featured in 1Voice, the newsletter from Los Angeles City Council District 1, for our tireless work in graffiti abatement. KYCC is one of three contractors—along with Northeast Graffiti Busters and Central City Action Committee—who work with the City’s Office of Community Beautification, on a cleanup campaign that runs seven days a week.

“Abatement crews across the district answer hundreds of reports of graffiti daily,” 1Voice reports. “The cargo beds of their pickups are filled with 5-gallon drums of recycled paint.”

KYCC color matches and paints over 300,000 sq. ft. of graffiti each month, free of charge. “I enjoy painting over graffiti,” Ryan Allen, KYCC’s Environmental Services Manager said. “Getting rid of it is very satisfying, although it’s a little dismaying to see it pop back up.”

Allen spoke of the ongoing relationships that our organization has built with neighborhood property owners due to the frequency of the vandalism. Our graffiti removal program is also possible thanks to the support of Dunn-Edwards, who donated a year’s worth of paint and painting supplies to KYCC to help with our efforts to improve the health and safety of our community.

In 2014-2015, KYCC’s Environmental Services removed graffiti from over 21,000 locations—totaling almost 2 million sq. ft. of repainted surfaces.

To learn more about our graffiti removal program, please click here.