KYCC’s Prevention and Aftercare Program (PnA) completed its first Youth Improv Workshop Series. The goal of the eight-week program, held from February to April, was to increase self-confidence and communication skills in middle school students. Ten students registered for the course with instructor John Joo, and KYCC Clinical Counselor Eric Chung facilitated the course. 

On April 25, 2019 students performed in a final improv showcase in front of family and friends.

The purpose of the PnA program is to promote the five “Protective Factors,” which, when present, strengthen families and reduce the likelihood of child abuse. The Youth Improv Workshop aims to increase the socioemotional skills of youth, such as increasing confidence, creativity, social skills, and reducing anxiety.


On why students wanted to attend the class, many stated feeling nervous and anxious when speaking with peers. “I wanted to learn how to be more confident,” said one middle school student. Another stated, “I wanted to work on my acting skills and make friends.” Youth learned how to create stories and characters, communicate more confidently and constructively, and were even taught elements of acting and stage performance. The course also provided many opportunities for youth to work collaboratively with peers and support each other.

“Initially, the students were quite shy and quiet, unsure as to what Improv even was,” said Chung. “But as the weeks progressed the group formed quite a bond. By the end of the course students were visibly more confident, imaginative and supportive of one another.”

The next Improv workshop is scheduled for mid-May. If interested, please email Eric Chung at