Fall Fest is an annual KYCC event that happens on the Friday before Halloween. It consists of different games and activities for elementary school students. With the return of the Middle School Program, there was a bigger range of activities for this year’s Fall Fest on Oct. 27.
Volunteers from BRIDGE and YDAPP provided help to the students with activities such as Cookie Decoration, Q-Tip Skeleton Art and Face Painting. In addition, there was a photo booth and hula hoop game.  Each activity was around 20 minutes long, with a five-minute transition time and after each game, candy was distributed to each student.
The Cookie Decoration station was led by BRIDGE Co-Vice President Roy Kim with help from five amazing volunteers. Students were able to spread different flavors of icing and finish their delicious artwork with crystal or rainbow sprinkles. 
The Q-Tip Skeleton Art corner was led by BRIDGE Secretary Esther Shin and Treasurer Kevin Park. They had volunteers who assisted the kids with distributing the black paper, q-tips, glue and other materials. Volunteers were also able to make their own skeleton artwork to work on with the students. After everyone was finished, the officers chose winners for the art projects and the winner received two handfuls of candy. 
The Face Painting corner was led by YDAPP Prevention Coordinator Gennesis Lopez, Youth Development Specialist Bryan Zaragoza, YDAPP member Esther Jung and BRIDGE Co-Vice President Sofia Ban. This was the most popular activity because students were able to get paintings of their favorite characters on their face or arm. After face painting, they were led to the photo booth and hula hoop game provided by YDAPP. 
At the end of each game, Andrew Chung, a volunteer involved in both BRIDGE and YDAPP, entertained the students with five different magic tricks. Many students and volunteers were fascinated by his show.
This year’s Fall Fest was held at the Wilton Center in the big classroom, the MSP upstairs classroom and the Treehouse. The event started at 4 p.m. and ended around 6 p.m. The rooms and hallways were covered with a few Halloween-themed decorations. 
Overall, this year’s Fall Fest was extremely special because of how the volunteers and staff were able to bond with the incredible students.